What, in the National Gallery, is Whistlejacket? The Weekend quiz


The questions

1 What happened to Anna Bertha Röntgen’s hand in 1895?
2 The supply of what is limited to 21 million?
3 Which aid for singers was invented by Andy Hildebrand?
4 What, in the National Gallery, is Whistlejacket?
5 Moonrakers are natives of which county?
6 Which pair debuted in I Will Never Not Ever Eat A Tomato?
7 What made Steve Williams New Zealand’s highest paid sportsperson?
8 Which conflict was ended by the 1962 Évian Accords?
What links:
9 Pythian; Nemean; Isthmian?
10 Saudi Arabia or Sri Lanka (1); British Army (2); Essex (3)?
11 Axel; Lutz; Salchow?
12 Caroline; Gilbert; Mariana; Marshall?
13 Thomas Hopper Alderson; Malta; NHS?
14 Grey; bittern; little egret; cattle egret?
15 La Divina; La Stupenda; La Superba?

The answers

1 First human subject to be X-rayed.
2 Bitcoin.
3 Auto-Tune.
4 Horse painting (by George Stubbs).
5 Wiltshire.
6 Charlie and Lola (Lauren Child book).
7 Caddying for Tiger Woods.
8 French-Algerian War.
9 Ancient Greek games (other than Olympics).
10 Number of swords on flag.
11 Eponymous jumps in figure skating.
12 Island groups in Micronesia.
13 George Cross winners: first recipient, 1940; 1942; 2021.
14 Herons.
15 Nicknames of opera singers: Maria Callas; Joan Sutherland; Montserrat Caballé.