Meet ‘UK’s most unwanted dog’ who has spent her entire life looking for a forever home


An adorable dog has been named the ‘UK’s most unwanted’ pooch after spending a little over four years at the RSPCA Bath Cats and Dogs Home looking for a forever family

A four-year-old lurcher named Sue has been dubbed ‘the UK’s most unwanted dog’ after spending almost her entire life waiting to be adopted.

The adorable dog was rescued in August 2017 when she was just a pup and went to live at the RSPCA’s Bath Cats and Dogs home.

Over the years the pooch has watched 941 of her kennel-mates find forever homes and staff are desperate for her to find her own place.

If this wasn’t already heart-wrenching enough, Sue was rehomed briefly in 2018, but sadly was returned to the RSPCA after her adopter’s circumstances changed.

Rachel Jones, Chief Executive of Bath Cats and Dogs Home, said: “We’re at a loss as to why poor Sue hasn’t been rehomed.

“We all absolutely adore her and love taking her out for long walks and giving her lots of attention but we’re desperate to find her her own home.

“Sue’s colour may be putting people off. Previous research by the RSPCA has shown that brindle dogs take around 36% longer to rehome than other colours.”

She continued to say: “Sue is a sweet and clever pup who can get a little overexcited at times so would benefit from owners who can continue her training.

“She is a chaser so we walk her on a lead with a muzzle and we don’t let her run free when we’re out and about unless we’re in a secure field.”

The RSPCA team say Sue needs an experienced owner, who will be confident taking her muzzle on and off.

Staff have been working on some challenging behaviours with her and her new owners will need to continue this training.

Sweet Sue has lots of wonderful qualities, including walking nicely on the lead. She is very affectionate and loves to get involved in a good game with her toys.

The clever pup has already mastered basic commands like “sit” and “paw” and would certainly be able to pick up more.

Rachel adds that while Sue is happy entertaining herself she would like her new owner to be around for most of the time, at least at first.