Woman learns dad was an identical twin and they used to swap places when she was a kid


A woman has gone viral on social media after sharing a major family secret she uncovered later on in life and it’s left many people desperate to know more about her story

Each week a new trend takes over on social media, asking people to share amusing stories or do silly stunts.

The latest in a long line of trends has seen TikTok users being asked to share the “family tea” they found out once they got older.

So essentially they are sharing old family secrets and oh boy has there been some drama!

A recent video to go viral in response to the trend was uploaded by a user named @brownsugabunnie30, a mum-of-one from the US.

In the jaw-dropping clip, the woman explains how she discovered as an adult that her dad actually had an identical twin.

She claims very few people, including her own mother, knew about his twin brother.

But in a shocking turn of events, she says her father and his brother used to swap places all the time, so she was often looked after by her uncle and had no idea.

To make matters worse, her father has passed away and now no one is sure whether it was her dad or his twin brother that died as no one can find the brother to double-check.

Some serious tea was spilt!

The woman says: “One day when I was a kid I needed a drink of water and I had to work up the courage to go downstairs and ask my dad for a drink of water because my parents had this thing about once they sent you to bed, you stay in the bed.

“Anyway, I started to go downstairs to get a drink of water and I noticed that my dad is outside arguing with this unidentified woman, so I was like ok great, I can hurry up and sneak past and go upstairs and not get yelled at.

“Imagine my surprise when I round the corner and I ran straight into my dad.

“Me in my shock and horror can’t figure out how my dad who I can still see arguing outside was also inside.

“I went ahead and just went to the bathroom thinking I was dreaming even though I was fully awake.

“Round the corner, said goodnight to my dad, got almost all the way up the stairs and just happened to look out the window and I was at a perfect angle so I could see that my dad was still outside while also still inside and I couldn’t explain it.”

She continued: “I tried to tell my mum the next day, she thought I was dreaming.

“It wasn’t until after my dad died that we found out he had an identical twin brother. My dad’s name was Freddy, his name was Eddie.

“They kept switching places, so the question is… who actually died? No one can find Eddie.”

The woman’s TikTok video has gone viral, being viewed over 785,000 times and garnering more than 133,000 likes.

People became very invested in the story and had a lot of questions.

One person asked: “How the hell did your mama not notice that her husband was a whole different person?”

Another said: “Better question, which one is really your bio father?”

A third proclaimed: “Switching places?!?!?!?! Who was the woman outside?!?! How did your mom not know?!?!?! SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!”

Someone else added: “Ma’am what?! That’s a lot of information, but also not enough.”